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The Sparkler® MCRO (WCD) Filter utilizes a Automatic Transplate Sluice which travels the length of the tank, concentrating the full force of the sluice on each plate as it passes.  Concentrated sluice volume results in disintegration of cake for removal.  The sluicing header directs a forceful liquid spray onto the surface of the filter plate in several different angles at once. 





The sluice, positioned above the filter plates, consists of a telescoping pipe with a single cross arm sluicing header.  This cross header extends over the full width of the filter plate. It has multiple jets, so arranged and sized that the high pressure jet streams cover every square inch of the filter plate faces from varying angles as the header passes over the top of the filter plates.

During the filtering cycle, this header is retracted to the front of the horizontal filter tank. At the end of the filter cycle, the tank is drained in the closed position; approximately 150 PSIG pressure is applied to the sluice mechanism and the pipe is extended all the way to the back of the tank and then fully retracted again (one complete cycle) at the rate of 4 ft./min.



The above picture shows a MCRO-WCD filter which has an overhead transplate sluice, dual inlet distribution headers, and a swing bolted closure.

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