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The Sparkler® MCRO Filter is a revolutionary design which emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, economy, and minimum maintenance. This filter features a structural steel overhead suspended trolley design. The cover is permanently mounted to the end frame while the tank is suspended from the overhead. All piping is accommodated in the cover making it unnecessary to break any connections. The tank is easily retracted using a hydraulic cylinder, allowing open access to all of the filter parts. Filter plates remain stationary, mounted/seated in a manifold that is connected with cover, as tank is retracted causing no cake disturbance during opening. The filter design easily lends itself to full automation. Cake removal can be via Wet Cake Discharge, Dry Cake Discharge, or manual. If higher cake capacities are required, the center to center distance of the filter plates can be increased.  If filter area is of greater concern than cake capacity, the center to center filter plate distance can be reduced. 

 Comparing the MCRO design and functionality with a conventional filter press

  • The MCRO and filter press both utilize filter plates to create filter area and cake capacity
  • The MCRO and filter press could be considered Horizontal Pressure Filters with vertical filter plates
  • The MCRO and a filter press both use hydraulics to open and close
  • The sealing area of a MCRO is equal to the circumference of the shell
  • The sealing area of a filter press is equal to the circumference of each and every filter plate
  • The only moving parts of the MCRO need be the shell and locking ring
  • Each plate on a filter press is moved for cake discharge and then again for closure
  • Cake discharge can be wet or dry on a MCRO; both types of discharge can be automated
  • Filter plates on a filter press are commonly machined from Polypropylene
  • MCRO filter plates can be constructed of Polypropylene, Kynar, and most metals; Hastelloy/Alloy C22/276, Titanium, 316LSS, 316SS, 304SS, Carbon Steel...

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MCRO Leaving

Filter Vessel Sizes- 24", 36", 54", 60", 72", and 84"

Available Filter Plate Materials– Carbon steel, Most Stainless Steels, Many Exotic Metals, Polypropylene

Available Filter Housing Materials– Carbon steel, Most Stainless Steels, Many Exotic Metals (all materials can be supplied with linings)

Filtration Area– Up to 3400 sq. ft.

Types of Filter Media Available– Woven Wire, Membranes, Felt and Cloth

Alternate Features– Steam Jackets, Inlet Distribution Headers, Tank Bottom Flush, Packing Flush, Additional Porting, Quick Opening Closures, Sectional Outlet Manifold






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