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 We list our L-1000 as it can help to save time and money. While the L-1000 is well received by academic and industrial laboratories, it serves the customer who strives to minimize cost-of-purchasing as much as cost-of-owning capital technology.

If you are purchasing a second filter, or we have provided a different solution for your problem, skip this page. If not, what follows may be the most useful information you will get from reading this site.

If the variables inherent to your product are not unique, the variables of your process probably are. Until empirical data is acquired, neither you nor we can size the filter you will need with optimum precision. There was a time when we conducted such research for our customers. However, MSDS regulations have compelled us to transfer this task back to our customers. You know your requirements better than we do; this shift of responsibility has proven advantageous.

Since we value pre-purchase research, we will credit back the cost of the L-1000 to any customer who chooses Sparkler Filters Inc.® as provider of choice for the solution to their mission-critical filtration problem.


Lab Filter Specifications

Capacity165 in3 (2700cc)

Working Pressure100 psi

Source of Pressurecompressed air or gas, vacuum

Media Diameter5.5 in (2.2c)

Media Type –  All

Filtration Surface22 in2 (142cm2)

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