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Standard Horizontal Plate Filters (SHPF)

Industrial Liquid Filtration



The Horizontal Plate Filter (HPF) is one the most universally accepted industrial liquid filtration solutions. With the Horizontal Plate Filter (HPF), Sparkler® created a filter that provides uniform flow, no moving parts and simplicity of design. Gravity is the key principle at work. The plates in this model function horizontally and through the topside only, they offer unparalleled stability, versatility, granularity, sanitation, fault tolerance, and efficiency.
Flowing with gravity, liquids compress and secure any medium through which they pass. If pore number and size restrict passage, the intended case with filtration, flow will distribute itself uniformly across a horizontal surface, leading to a uniform functioning of any medium.
Designed for unilateral top flow filtration, the bottom side of horizontal plates offers the most robust support possible for topside media. This in turn enables using the broadest possible array of media, individually and combined, to remove suspended particulate ranging in size from coarse to fine; 100+ microns to <1 micron. Finally, this media diversity permits the use of filter aids of every variety for precoat and bodyfeed.
Within the limits of a given vessel size, plates may be added or subtracted to optimize efficiency.
Since the entire filtration process occurs within a pressure vessel, exposure to airborne contaminants is eliminated, guaranteeing a sanitary condition.
Again, because horizontal plate filtration works with gravity, planned and/or accidental interruptions have no effect on the filtration process or result.

This design may incorporate a scavenger plate. Offline during a productive run, it may be switched online at the end of a cycle to filter 90% of residual liquid. Over hundreds and thousands of cycles such “scavenged” filtrate represents increased efficiency and cost savings by orders of magnitude.

The HPF functionality is based on manual operation. Once optimum throughput is achieved, the filter’s cartridge must be lifted by hand or crane from the tank, disassembled, washed off, reassembled, and inserted back into the vessel before a new cycle can begin. Efficiency can be increased dramatically through the purchase of secondary cartridge that can be swapped with the primary cartridge immediately. Alternatively a spare bottom assembly, consisting of a secondary base ring and scavenger plate may be purchased, enabling an immediate assembly of a clean cartridge as each plate is removed and cleaned. The key here is to handle the plates once, as you take apart and remove cake from one bundle, you begin the assembly of the next plate bundle simultaneously


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standard horiz plates 

Reverse Flow Horizontal Plate Filter (RFHPF)

 The flow path through the standard HPF is into the vessel until pressure becomes sufficient to drive the filtrate down through the medium, onto the surface of the bottom side of each plate, out through each plate’s center ring, and down through the column created by the set of stacked center rings. 

The flow path of the RFHPF is the reverse. Filtrate first flows into the center column via an inlet at the bottom of the filter. From there it flows through holes cut in the center rings onto the topside of the filter plates. It then flows through the medium supported by the top plate, and out through holes punched through the rings that form the OD of the plates, and into the tank. From there it flows out an outlet placed eccentric to the inlet.

A second critical feature of this design is that every part of every plate disassembles, or is welded together from both sides.

Together these two features permit maximum sanitary operation and cleaning. All target filtrate remains within the cartridge, leaving the vessel perfectly clean from one cycle to the next. This means the vessel, itself, requires no cleaning between cycles. The cartridge is designed for clean-ability. 

A third difference, but not a feature, between the RFHPF and HPF is that the scavenger plate option is neither available nor an advantage to the RFHPF in the way that it is to the HPF. Since the residual filtrate retained in the cartridge is of significantly less volume than that retained in the tank, there is no significant benefit to forcing it through a scavenger plate. 

Otherwise, everything said about the RFHPF applies to the HPF.

Click Here to view the Reverse Flow Horizontal Plate Filter Brochure

The Sparkler® Wash-Off Horizontal Plate Filter offers the same stable filtering features as the standard horizontal plate filter. The advantage to the Wash-Off design is that the cake can be removed without disassembly of the cartridge by "hosing off" (wet) or "tapping/scraping" (dry). A Semi-permanent synthetic cloth or wire screen filter media cover the plate which filters through the top side only. A pivot rack can be supplied to ensure easy tilting of the cartridge to the cleaning position.

Filter Cartridge Sizes - 33" and 18"

Available Filter Plate Materials – Carbon steel, Most Stainless Steels, Many Exotic Metals, Polypropylene

Available Filter Housing Materials – Carbon steel, Most Stainless Steels, Many Exotic Metals (Note: Housings available with a variety of linings)


standard-horiz-filter-remakeSTANDARD HORIZONTAL PLATE CARTRIDGE  



              filters            Hor_Plate    




Sparkler horizontal plate filters are particularly suited for fine filtration and polishing operations. They are equally efficient for continuous or intermittent operation. Complete recovery of product is obtained by "washing" or by "blow-down" of the cake. No danger of loss of cake or slippage. Any kind of filter media - fabric, metallic wire cloth, or filter paper is available. All types of filter aids, activated carbons or Fuller's earths are also adaptable with maximum efficiency. Due to horizontal position of the plates, only a very thin precoat of filter aid is necessary. The cake is evenly distributed, assuring economical operation and uniform clarity.

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