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As an OEM, Sparkler® maintains the highest standards for each and every component that goes into our products and detailed records we can reference. Our filter media and filter paper meet these standards. Many companies have duplicated Sparkler Filter® designs, vertical plate filters, vertical leaf filters, pressure leaf filters as well as horizontal plate configurations have been imitated. Filter presses, rotary vacuum drum filters, belt presses and centrifuges are also common filter equipment/configurations and although Sparkler® is familiar with these, our strength and effort has been in creating filters that provide uniform flow with the fewest moving parts and reduced/controlled sealing area to have the least likelihood of failure and greatest likelihood of success.

Sparkler® stocks the most frequently used styles and sizes of filter media. Filter paper is most commonly used on Sparkler’s® Horizontal Plate Filters. 

Your filter media can be made from a variety of materials: natural fibres, synthetic, wire, paper, etc… It can be formed, woven, needled, air-laid, water-laid, etc… Membranes are also available.

If you have a challenging application, we can assist you in specifying the filter media that will meet your requirements.

If your plates have a vertical configuration, like our Vertical Filter (VF) and MCRO, and use filter cloth--call us or inquire about our newest innovation; filter cloth designed so that it can be field installed. The field installation can help you reduce down time and improve the overall economics of your process.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the performance, economics, and repeat-ability of our filters. Challenge us to help you find a solution.

We can help with media selection and be a source for replacement filters.

Type of filtration equipment

Filter media description

Horizontal plate filters  (HPF)

Filter discs (filter paper, non-woven, woven, membrane or other)

Vertical plate filters

Filter cloth (Woven, Non-Woven)


Filter cloth or Wire Mesh

Nutsche filters

Filter discs or filter cloth, Wire Mesh or Membrane

Rotary vacuum drum filters (RVDF)

Drum covers or PIP edged belts

Belt presses

Filter belts


Basket screen and liners or filter cloth





*To place an order email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 936-756-4471. You can also fax your order to 936-539-1165.

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