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From time to time we receive requests for the original documentation supplied with their filter. This includes both existing and future customers who have purchased or want to purchase a used filter in the open market and request the aforementioned information to assist in their use or purchase of the used product. Many times customers who have purchased a used Sparkler Filter® require some of the original documentation for insurance purposes, other times legal purposes and other instances where the operational instructions are needed. With thousands of filters and hundreds of designs being produced over the last century, there are countless reasons many customers require the original documentation. Sparkler® also uses this as an opportunity to register the filter in your name, allowing us to offer better service and technical support to the owner. Re-certification is a one-time fee; contact Sparkler for details.  

Re-certification Package includes... 

1) Copy of the Original Order Write-Up 

2) U1 Document

3) Dimensional Drawing

4) Parts List

5) Operating Manual

6) Technical Support

*All information will have the original customer information deleted. 

**Depending on the age of the filter (some filters made before 1965) some documentation may be unavailable

***Based on origin, International Licensees of Sparkler Filters, some documentation may be unavailable

****In instances where original documentation is unavailable, drawings of the same or similar model number may be substituted

*****In all instances, as able, our intention is to support the re-certified owner with support to meet objectives

Note:  Copies of ASME Calculations and Copies of Mill test are not included with Re-certification package.   If you wish obtain these specific documents contact Sparkler directly.


To begin re-certification of used filter, fill out this document and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax completed document to (936) 539-1165.

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