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We can make a Field Service visit to your site for assistance. Our services can also be utilized remotely; technical service by phone and email. Key to helping you size a filter, improve a process, or diagnose an upset condition is detailed information. Our experience and filtration knowledge may be concentrated in our product line, but also extends into the broader scope of filtration and process.  Let’s discuss your project objectives openly and develop a plan to create a solution that can take your project forward.

For troubleshooting on existing filter applications please Download and submit our Process Data Sheet

For new applications please Download and submit our Application Data Sheet.                         

On-site Technical Support is available to any customer on a time plus expense basis.

Remote Technical Support is available to any customer at hourly rates.

Possible Field Service Objectives:

  • Technical Support to help you meet filtration goals
  • Discovery, identify areas where filtration process can be improved
  • Implementation, apply techniques to improve efficiency and throughput
  • Troubleshooting, identify and minimize upset conditions
  • Pilot testing, collaborate to generate data that can be scaled to production levels
  • Production guidance, assist in meeting filtration objectives


  • Assistance with startup and help writing SOP’s
  • Tolling, achieve required filtration of given batches or product
  • Filtration review, observe and gather data on current filtration procedures and make recommendations
  • Presentations, specific to your process with guidelines on how to meet your objectives
  • Gather specific data about the process stream, PSD (particle size distribution) or TSS (total suspended solids

Many Sparkler Filters MCRO units have been in service for greater than twenty years.  If you have an MCRO unit that has been in service for over ten years, consider having it inspected.  We can then provide you with a quotation for recommended replacement parts.  You may then elect to have our factory personnel perform the installation of parts and perform routine maintenance.



MCRO Maintenance with factory authorized replacement parts may include:


  • Tank alignment; trolley maintenance
  • Cover gasket replacement
  • Sluice repair, alignment and packing replacement
  • Hydraulic equipment replacement and repair
  • Replacing or repairing filter plates

  If you need help, we’ll customize our efforts to help you achieve the filtration process that will meet your company’s needs, now and into the future.

  *To place an order or discuss rates and scheduling, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 936-756-4471.


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